Trend to ban mobile devices in the workplace

According to a recent media report there is an increasing trend for Australian employers to ban the presence and use in workplaces of smart phones and other devices capable of being used as a source of social media.
In my view in most cases this is a perfectly lawful policy, at least so far as its efficacy is limited to either the workplace, or the employer’s wider premises or working hours. After all, an employee, in the long hard light of day, is selling his or her time to an employer, and provided that the policy is not capable of breaching other laws (for example discrimination) and can be viewed as potentially relevant to undertaking work, it will be upheld.
Of course, this brings us to the thorny issue of when a policy will constitute a term of an employment contract, or a fortiori when will a new policy be a variation of the employment contract (and thus require notice etc), but that debate is for another day.

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