During my professional career, formerly as a lawyer, then as a business executive and now as an industrial agent*, my highest priority has been client confidentiality, discreteness and, as a lawyer, legal professional privilege. That objective continues to be not-negotiable in my current business and in my work as a fair work consultant and advocate, and industrial agent. However there are times when it is possible to publish testimonials and references without in any way disturbing anonymity or affecting strict confidentiality. Thus from time to time on this page I will publish comments about me and my work but obviously only in a manner which does not reveal a client’s identity or legal issue. The testimonials are 100% genuine. For obvious reasons, client names have been omitted. The testimonials, with one exception only, which was from a senior lawyer who asked me to represent one of his friends, arise from my representation of clients in the Fair Work and WA Industrial Relations Commissions. I have edited some to correct spelling and, in a couple of cases, grammatical errors.

**The Fair Work Act uses the term “paid agent”. The Industrial Relations Act (1979) WA uses the term “industrial agent”.

In May 2022 I determined that there are quite enough testimonials published by  the web site and I will discontinue updating them.

3 May 2022

Dear Stephen,

I know you are about to take some leave. You deserve it. Many thanks for your advice and support.

22 April 2022

Just a note to say thank you for your representation during my case. I am very comfortable with the result we achieved. And I have learned so much about small businees.

10 April 2022

I will keep this to the point Stephen. Thank you, you were super.

8 April 2022

Stephen; you are ahead of the game! I would like to thank you for the excellent articles that you have written on employment law. Your work is invaluable to those whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by unfair dismissal.

Please accept my thanks and best wishes.

18 February 2022

Dear Stephen and team,

I want to write to you to say thank you for your assistance and especially the reasonableness of the fees involved. In our opinion the cost was very reasonable given your serves and experience especially given the excellent outcome.

4 February 2022

Stephen, many thanks for your counsel after we received the general protections claim. Initially we were quite frightened that (name omitted) had lodged such an outrageous claim with the Fair Work Commission. Your advice and correspondence to her however was spot on and thank goodness (and you) it was sorted out quickly and fairly.

26 January 2022

To the guys at Fair Work Legal Advice. Thank you, thank you. As a small business employer the covid vaccination and mandates are scary and you were able to steer us though that maze thank goodness.

17 January 2022

I am glad I contacted you Stephen to discuss the settlement agreement which had been presented to me. I had absolutely no idea of what you called the “perils” which were littered through it. Thank goodness for your advice and counsel.

21 December 2021


Thank you very much for your expert guidance with the case against us in the Commission. I am a little emotional about the whole issue so I will leave my gratitude there. In the end it worked out just fine. Many, many thanks.

5 December 2021

I am writing to you to thank you for your assistance and advice with my unfair dismissal case. I am fortunate that I did not lodge the claim myself because, as you pointed out, it contained errors which could have been seized upon by my former employer quite possibly to be disadvantage. Fortunately it all worked out very well in the end and I am very comfortable with the result we achieved together.

3 December 2021

Hi Stephen,

Just a short note to say thankyou for your guidance through my employment dispute via the enterprise agreement. It worked out very well and I am pleased with the outcome which I can live with quite well.

15 November 2021

As a small employer, we were very upset by (name edited out) the claim which was made against us about the termination of here employment. However we were very comfortable from the moment we spoke to you about the case and we are thrilled with the outcome. You have our thanks for all that you did.

19 October 2021

I am writing to thank you for your preparation and representation at my FWC conference last week. We were nervous about it going in, but I can say that there was no need to have been since we had you to speak for us. A more than acceptable result Stephen. Many thanks again.

15 October 2021

Dear Stephen,

I cannot thank you enough. Well done.

13 October 2021

I wish to provide Stephen Edwards and his firm Fair Work Legal Advice with thanks and a recommendation to others who may find themselves in a position where they need a legal perspective about their rights as an employee. In my case I was very unhappy with my treatment at work and my general wellbeing and health were beginning to be so badly affected that I was hardly able to get out of bed and go to work. Stephen was able to advise me about my rights and he fixed it. Yes, he managed the issue with correspondence with my employer about my legal rights  and so far it is as though my boss and I are buddies again.

1 September 2021

I am writing to you to say thank you for your advice about the employment issue which our business has put up with for several years.  I know that we made the matter worse by ignoring it for several years but to confront the negativity and dysfunction was  a very hard prospect for us, because at the end of the day it was about a person, and sometimes it seemed easier just to sweep the issue under the carpet. Your advice to us was clear and supportive and the matter played out just as you advised  that it would; much to our enormous relief. Thank you again Stephen.

23 August 2021

Dear Stephen,

My family and I wish to say our thanks to you for your advice and representation during our recent employment case. Your patience and understanding, plus of course your advice throughout was amazing and very, very reassuring. Thank you again.

19 August 2021

We would both like to thank you very much for your help in this matter. You have helped us a lot to ease the stress of going through this process.

7 July 2021

I was very nervous about the conference Stephen, and am very grateful to you for handling it for us , and negotiating the settlement which allowed us to end the matter without further action needing to be taken. Your support and confidence throughout the matter were invaluable and we are pleased with the final outcome.

23 June 2021

Dear Stephen,

Hallelujah Stephen, well done with our case; and many thanks.

13 June 2021

I am writing to you to say thankyou for your excellent service and advice and representation. I will recommend you to anyone else who is unfortunate to find themselves in the fair work legal system and the Fair Work Commission.

7 May 2021

Dear Stephen,

We would like to register our gratitude and thanks to you for your guidance through my dismissal case. As you know we are very pleased with the outcome and your patience and understanding throughout were professional and at the same time reassuring. Of course I know that you are very experienced, but your predictions about what would play out when and how they would were remarkable. Again, my heartfelt thanks.

3 May 2021

Stephen, I am writing to you to say thankyou for your advice and counselling during this difficult time we have just been through. As a small business employer we just weren’t ready for the stress and upheaval that the case involved us in and without your patient and kind representation and encouragement throughout, I do not know whether we could have coped. But we are pleased with the result you have been able to achieve for us. Many, many thanks.


23 April 2021

Hi Stephen,

I have not been involved in an unfair dismissal case before, and as a small business I had never expected to have to defend such a claim. I will be very happy to recommend your services to any other business which may find itself in this position. Your professional approach to all of the issues made it quite bearable in the end. Thank you again.

17 April 2021

I could not be more satisfied Stephen. Thank you and your team at Fair Work Legal Advice. I am very lucky to have found you on-line.

15 April 2021

Dear Stephen,

This is a short note to thank you for representing us in our unfair dismissal case. As you predicted the case settled at conciliation and in our opinion your calm, firm and experienced advice and argument carried the day. I will be recommending Fair Work Legal Advice to anyone else who finds themselves in our position.

25 March 2021

Hi Stephen,

We wish to extend our gratitude to you for your representation in my general protections conciliation. Right from the beginning you were confident of my position, which gave the family tremendous comfort to proceed. We could not have handled the pressure without you calm and patient guidance and your experience was, in the end, the difference. Thank you again.

19 March 2021

I am very satisfied with the result and wish to thank you ever so much for your assistance and representation. I cannot recommend you enough Stephen.

17 February 2021

Hi Stephen,

As you know you were recommended to us by a friend who went through a general protections case in the Fair Work Commission case as an employer, and in which you represented his business. At that time we were unaware that you represent both employers and employees, because someone else had recommended you when you represented him in an unfair dismissal case. We were glad to learn that your business represents both employers and employees in such cases. During the process, particularly the conciliation, we could see that you were able to anticipate exactly the moves an d tactics of the other side, which was invaluable to us. And your fees were very reasonable. Thankyou ever so much for everything.


11 February 2021

Dear Stephen,

I am writing to you to thank you for your representation, advice and  assistance with the dismissal case which was brought our business. Although we never for one moment thought that we did not have justification for terminating his employment, we were a little naive about the legal implications of doing so. Your calm and reassuring advice was of enormous help to us as we navigated through the process, and, in the end, we are now able to “get on with business”, which is what we think we do best. We have no hesitation in recommending Fair Work Legal Advice to anyone who has issues with staff.

2 February 2021

Thanks again for your assistance in this matter, it was very reassuring to have your expertise on board.

14 January 2021

Thanks Stephen.  And thank you for your expert assistance regarding this matter. It has been much appreciated.

6 December 2020

Just thought I’d let you know I’m delighted with the outcome and I wanted to thank you for all your help in regard to my case.  I also want to say how satisfied we are with the outcome. Your expertise, experience and calm guidance made what could have been a terrifying experience quite acceptable. How you seem to know exactly what the other side would say and do is remarkable. It was as though you had been there before in our case; but I suppose that is what experience brings. Once again Stephen, many thanks and best wishes for the future.

5 November 2020

I am over the moon with the result Stephen, thanks to your guidance. We are very grateful.

17 October 2020

Stephen, I am writing to thank you very much for your advice and representation in the Fair Work Commission. Your experience and skill in the conciliation was the difference between an ordinary or excellent conclusion and we got the latter. We are a very small family business and quite frankly we were very upset about what happened but it is over now and quite OK by us.

3 September 2020

Dear Stephen,

The decision to take legal action over my dismissal was very hard, and in the end was a family decision. Give the result, we are all very pleased and have much to thank you for. The patience you displayed throughout kept us confident and fairly relaxed, but at the back of my mind it was a little stressful. Your advice and representation made all the difference and we are now very happy that we made a stand. Thank you for everything . Good job.

1 September 2020

I really admire Fair Work Legal Advice. Stephen was our rock as we went through the stress of being a small employer taken to the Fair Work Commission for unfair dismissal. Fortunately the conciliation went well and we are truly comfortable  with the conclusion. I recommend the business to any small business which finds itself in a similar position.

23 August 2020

An excellent result Stephen. The family is delighted. Thank you ever so much.

19 August 2020

I engaged Stephen recently for advice and assistance with defending an unfair dismissal claim, this was unfamiliar territory for me. I found his understanding of my situation and guidance to be very comforting, which allowed me to focus on my business rather than the pending conciliation. Overall  Stephen was very efficient and easy to deal with, upfront and clear about his prices, and we achieved an outcome I was happy with. Thanks so much Stephen your experience shows and you did a great job.

21 July 2020

Stephen Edwards and Fair Work Legal Advice handled a general protections claim and conciliation conference for my small business and I could not have made a better investment.  Being in such competent and professional hands made a nightmare quite bearable and the outcome was entirely to our satisfaction as a family.

7 July 2020

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to you for your invaluable expertise in my recent unfortunate situation where I was the subject of an unfair dismissal case.  Your absolute transparency and calm and considered guidance throughout the whole process certainly gave me the strength to remain positive and to be able to move forward.   Stephen, thank you so very, very much.

24 June 2020

Stephen showed great professionalism and an outstanding knowledge of the conciliation process for my unfair dismissal claim. His advice gave me confidence and took the stress out of the proceedings, resulting in an outcome I was happy with.

15 April 2020

I am very grateful to you Stephen for your representation and advice. I will have no hesitation recommending Fair Work Legal Advice.

12 April 2020

Dear Stephen,

As a small specialist business, we found ourselves in a nightmare when the Government announced the Covid lock down. The implications for both the partners and staff were awful beyond comprehension. We are like a family. Fortunately we found you and you were able to guide us through all of the employment issues which we and our staff faced. Your assistance in providing us with an understanding of the JobKeeper stimulus subsidy was invaluable in enabling us to put a package to our staff which we expect will see us through to the other side. Your fees in drafting the necessary contract variations were more than reasonable and the turn around time was amazing.

Thank you again from us all.

22 March 2020

Thank you, thank you Stephen for your representation in my case. I am over the moon with the outcome, and will recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to the one I was in. God bless.

17 March 2020

Super outcome for us Stephen. We cannot thank you enough and will recommend your services to anyone who is unfortunate enough to find themselves in my position. I am also very satisfied with value for money and am grateful that you were always available for a chat about our case, no matter how busy you were.

11 March 2020

Hi  Stephen,

Thank you for your great representation today.

I can say I am relieved to get that outcome.

29 February 2020

Stephen thank you again.I could not have done it without you.

3 February 2020

Dear Stephen,

The thing I was most impressed about in your handling of my case was that right from the beginning you were incredibly straight and completely honest about both its strengths and weaknesses and you were able to predict every single move the other side made. I am sure that this enabled us to get such a good settlement. Thank you again.

28 January 2020


I appreciate your assistance and guidance throughout the process.

20 January 2020

Hi Stephen, thank you for the document and your assistance at today’s Conciliation. It was very much appreciated by me.

15 December 2019

Thank you Stephen. You made what would have been a very stressful event quite manageable. I will recommend you and your firm to anyone who needs legal advice about employment. Thanks again mate.

13 December 2019

Your services are amazing Stephen; and the best value for money in my opinion.

10 November 2019

Hi Stephen,

For the last twelve months or so, I have followed your bog daily. I’ve probably read every article at least once. The topics and content you write about are incredibly interesting, and what I enjoy most is the analysis you provide into the matter at hand and the translating of that in such a way where people, who I would imagine to be a large audience or people who are in unfortunate situations and this site is really good. It has helped me tremendously and I often go back to articles that I’ve booked-marked. It thought I’d write to you and thank you and let you know that it helps lot of people.

8 November 2019


As a small employer, it is a very nerve wracking experience to receive an unlawful dismissal claim. Even though you repeatedly pointed out that nothing would eventually come of it (which of course proved to be entirely correct) my family and I were nervous and stressed for several months. However your calm and unbelievably experienced advice and reassurance made the last few months bearable. Thank you again for your representation in a difficult time.

30 October 2019

During a highly stressful situation, I was extremely grateful for the constant support that Stephen offered. I appreciate the help, work and effort that Stephen gave for a very positive outcome.

18 September 2019

Dear Stephen,

Many thanks indeed for your representation during our case. We did not frankly expect the case to roll out exactly as you said it would, but it did, and your experience and calm reassurance was of enormous comfort to the family. I will recommend your firm and its services to anyone who I may come across with a workplace issue.

7 September 2019


I am writing to you to thank you ever so much for the wonderful service and representation which we received from Fair Work Legal Advice during my dispute with my former employer. Your calm leadership during the legal dispute was always present, and you were available to reassure us throughout, in what was a very difficult time. The result was as you predicted from the very first time we spoke with you, and you never once wavered from your support for our case. Your fees were very affordable, and much less than we experienced before you were recommended to us. Thank you very much.

4 September 2019

You patience and reassurance made what would have been a very stressful dispute quite manageable for me; and the result was exactly what you predicted and advised me about. Thank you again for your representation  and guidance.

1 September 2019

I cannot thank you enough Stephen.

22 August 2019

Stephen, thank you,  I’m very happy with the result of my unfair dismissal case and will highly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in the same position as I did.

16 August 2019

Stephen, thank you so much for your help with my case.  Your patience was surely tested with this crazy case but your professionalism and excellent advice was invaluable to me.  Your rates were very reasonable and I’m very happy to know that your services are available to help others like me.  Highly recommended!

26 July 2019

Stephen thank you so much for your support and valuable advice on what was a very stressful time for myself.

I was walking in the dark but you gave me a torch.

14 July 2019

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for all your assistance, help and legal genius with regards to our Denied Contractual Benefits Claim.

You always kept us informed and your patience with our lack of experience in this area was very much appreciated.

Your fees were extremely reasonable and more importantly you always informed us ahead of time what costs would be involved, hence we never had any surprises with regards to the associated costs.

Due to your expertise, knowledge and vast experience in this area of law we won our case and received a very good settlement which we would never have achieved without your help.

We highly recommend Stephen as the man you have on your team if you want to win your case!

12 July 2019

Thank you sincerely to Stephen for all his advice and guidance during my unfair dismissal case.  The case was complex and went on longer then expected, but Stephen was always there to help, even going above and beyond to discuss with me on a public holiday.  His knowledge of the fair work process was invaluable as was his ability to articulate the key points at the conciliation.  Stephen is definitely the man you want on your team.

11 July 2018

Hi Stephen, thank you very much for your advice re the above. As of today the matter has been fully settled under terms that I am extremely happy with. That phone consultation with you was invaluable in getting me to this outcome. You are a legend sir.

5 July 2019

On a personal note, thank you very much for all your help with this matter, I understand that it has been out of the ordinary, and you have gone above and beyond with your fixed fees to help me. I sincerely appreciate it.

1 July 2019


We cannot express our thanks to you enough. Although we had the odd nervous moment, the case played out almost as if you had written the script yourself. Bless you and many,many thanks again for your patience, wisdom and skill.

26 June 2019

Thank you for being so upfront and honest during my unlawful dismissal case against a
large well-equipped employer. You gave a very powerful performance which played
out exactly the way you said it would. You kept me informed every step of the
way and were able to successfully negotiate a settlement, so for that I cannot
thank you enough.

 16 May 2019


I cannot thank you enough. Right from the outset your calm, reassuring and confident advice and representation made the           scary prospect of defending an unfair dismissal case seem entirely manageable, both emotionally and financially. You patiently took me through the process, the risks and possibilities, the tactics and strategies, together with counselling which amazingly predicted exactly the outcome at conciliation. It was no easier for me being a small business employer and you repeatedly and sincerely convinced me to look at this situation just another cost of running a business and not to get distressed about it all. How right you were. Thank you again.

27 April 2019

Dear Stephen,

I must again thank you for agreeing to take on my case and for the result which we were able to achieve. I am immensely relieved and grateful.

24 April 2019


Thank you for your assistance with my recent claim with the Fair Work Commission.

This has been a most stressful time and your calm assurance and concise method has brought this matter to a speedy and successful conclusion.

Your services provide a breath of fresh air when such matters handled by conventional law firms serve to increase financial stress when finances are already stretched.

I will be recommending your service to friends and colleagues in the future.

15 March 2019

Hi Stephen

Thank you for your tenacious support at my conciliation meeting.

7 March 2019

Dear Stephen,

Before I retained your services as my industrial agent, I read many of the testimonials on your web site, which attest to you skills, experience, presence in negotiations and your determination to get your client the best deal possible. We thought this would have to go to a hearing but you managed to have it solved and put to bed with a minimum of fuss and expense. I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone else with an employment problem.

3 March 2019

Thank you again Stephen, and again. It was a hell of a ride but you made it well worth while, both during the case and the amazing settlement you negotiated., Bless you.

17 February 2019

Dear Stephen,

I am very satisfied with the outcome you were able to obtain for me. The settlement was very just and fair and I know that I could not possibly have achieved that without your experience and skill. You were able to navigate the whole matter for me without any stress and the fees were very fair and affordable.


8 February 2019

Awesome Stephen. I am very happy with the result of my unfair dismissal case and will highly recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as I did. It was a very powerful performance and left the the other side nowhere to go.

(A small business employer)

1 February 2019

Thank you ever so much Stephen, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

21 January 2019

Dear Stephen,

As a very small business employer, Sam and I were very frightened when we received the general protections’ claim and contacted you for assistance. You agreed to take on our case and of course in the end the whole matter was settled on terms with which we ere very comfortable.  If it had not been for your skill and care, and patience, we do  not know how we would have got through this stressful time.

11 January 2019

My family and I are wanting you to know that we could not have expected an outcome quite as good as you achieved for us. God bless you Stephen.

4 January 2019

I am writing this to you Stephen to again thank you for the wonderful result we achieved. It happened exactly as you said it would. Amazing.

19 December 2018

Engaging Stephen to represent me at the conciliation with Fair Work and my ex-employer was the best decision I have ever made. The prospect of going into an unknown process alone was not only a huge stress but I now know that if I hadn’t engaged Stephen I would not have been successful in negotiating a settlement at all. Stephen’s expertise is second to none in the areas of unfair dismissal and general protections. His communication with me was at all times honest and reassuring but most of all I trusted him from the outset. I would highly recommend anyone facing such a stressful and distressing situation with an employer to engage Stephen early. Thank you Stephen.


11 December 2018

I just cannot thank you enough Stephen. I cannot recommend you highly enough for your skills and your ability to inspire confidence during  a stressful time. I am very happy with the outcome and am very happy to send you this testimonial.

27 November 2018

An amazing settlement Stephen. Thank you for your representation, and advice throughout.

22 November 2018

Thank you Stephen. I am very grateful. You have guided me through a difficult time for our small business and we are very pleased with the outcome. We can now get on with the important things, managing a growing business.

The business was closed in October and the first 2 weeks of November 2018 while I took long service leave.

27 September 2018

Thank you, Stephen.

Your innate ability to swiftly grasp the gravity of my situation was no less than extraordinary!

Many thanks for the confirmation and clarity. At last some closure on my matter!

15 September 2018

Stephen helped me to reach a settlement with my previous employer through the Fair Work Commission.  Prior to meeting with Stephen I was completely lost as to what to do and he took a very complex situation and gave me a very clear path forward.

Thank you Stephen for all your help.

11 September 2018

Hello Stephen,

Thank you very much for your help and representation.

I truly appreciate all the support and advice I have received over the past couple of months.

I am now looking forward to moving on with my life, settling into my new job and seeing where next year brings me.

9 September 2018

Dear Stephen
I cannot thank you enough for getting me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I do not know if I could have got through without you. Your grasp of a very complex issue was admirable and your succinct argument to the commission very compelling.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who may have the misfortune of finding themselves in need. Again thank you very much.

29 August 2018

Dear Stephen

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for your advice and timely communication. It was an extremely stressful situation, one that I would not like to do again, however, should I ever find myself or anyone else in this situation, I would be certain to recommend your services.  It is with great pleasure that I say “RECOMMENDED” .

22 August 2018

Mr. Stephen Edwards LL.B.,

A gentleman of great knowledge and an immense help, Stephen is of quality character who is polite but will also tell you like it is. He guided me all the way through the process of reaching a settlement with my ex-employer, always treating myself and my case with the utmost respect. Heaven forbid, if like circumstances were to occur again, I would not hesitate in contacting Mr. Edwards once more for assistance. A friendly and competent man to work with; Stephen made what could have been a traumatic experience one that was fruitful and encouraging.

I would recommend Mr. Edwards to anyone who feels they have been unfairly dismissed and he has my gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

I wish Stephen and the reader all the best in the future.

14 August 2018

Thank you Stephen. I am very grateful for your advice and representation, and the result.

31 July 2018

Hi Stephen

Just sending a thank u for all that u did for me.

You have all done a wonderful job.

I am slowly returning to my normal self.

Thank u once again for your professionalism and patience.

25 July 2018

Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you again for your support and representation  during my unfair dismissal case, which was settled at conciliation. Without your unwavering confidence and advice, I would not have achieved the result we did.

1 July 2018

Stunning outcome Stephen. Thank you again.

29 June 2018

Dear Stephen,

Just want to say how delighted I am with the outcome. I want to thank you very much as it was your representation that made all the difference.

22 June 2018

Dear Stephen,

Thank you doesn’t seem enough at this point but it’s a start.  There were times during the past weeks that I felt like throwing in the towel I have to say but I would speak with you, you’d challenge me (often) and that would lead to more research and preparation on my part and that is the invaluable learning I am taking from my experience with you during this process thus far.  Hearing you speak on my behalf during Conciliation made me calm and confident and has given me the belief even more in my case.

You are incredible. Thank you will never be enough.

14 June 2018

Dear Mr Edwards,

We appreciate your succinct, professional advice in this matter.  The outcome is very welcome.

7 June 2018

Dear Stephen

As a small business owner and employer it was an emotional and disruptive experience to have to defend an application by a disgruntled former employee.

Regardless of our own feelings and opinion on how outrageous or false an application may be, bottom line it is a legal arena and you need the support of a credible and capable advisor. Fail to act will hurt! We did the usual google search and looked at many potential advisors, one stood out! Stephen’s resume should be sufficient to engage but we too read the testimonials. Stephen was like a breath of fresh air in a smokey haze, not because he was telling us what we wanted to hear, on the contrary he was extremely direct, concise and challenging from the outset.

The result, along with the value for services and costs was outstanding to say the least. Stephen is a credit to his profession and we cannot provide a stronger recommendation as to his worth.

  1. Always make notes and keep accurate records, put in your homework to provide a factual and detailed brief.

We wish you the very best in your own endeavours.

8 May 2018

I would like to thank Stephen for the speed, accuracy and efficiency with which he helped me conduct my case. Taking action against a large well- equipped employer is daunting at best. Coupled with that it is  my opinion that the law is neither clear, fair, consistent nor self evident and as such,  hard for a lay person to use in defending his or her basic rights. I would not have been able to represent myself and Stephen did a great job in obtaining compensation for me.


27 April 2018

Workplace issues by their very nature are stressful – there is always so much riding on it; becoming unemployed unfairly is at the pointy end of stress and discomfort. I never thought it would happen to me – when it did, I turned to Stephen Edwards. His vast legal experience, keen eye for detail and relaxed professional fearlessness was why I got a result I was happy with. I would recommend Stephen to anyone requiring legal advice regarding their employment situation. Thanks again Stephen, I can move on knowing this chapter has been resolved in my favour.

21 March 2018

Thank you Stephen,

I could not be happier with the result.

3 March 2018

I would recommend Stephen Edwards and Fair Work Legal Advice to any person with a legal issue concerning employment. Stephen’s fees are exceedingly generous when compared to others in this field and his experience is unparalleled in my opinion.  But most important, he is easy to talk to, always returns calls and is a great listener.

15 March 2018

I recently engaged Mr. Stephen Edwards to relation to an unfair dismissal claim against my previous employer. The case was fairly complex due to issues involving alleged repudiation of the employment contract . Stephen’s prompt response and professional advice helped me to navigate through the process  and to achieve a positive outcome resulting in a settlement with my ex employer .

21 February 2018

Just a quick comment following our discussions.

My personal observation is that many doctors and legal professionals become sarcastic after many years of dealing with people of every walks of life .

I must admit that you are a genuine person , and still have the same energy and willingness to help as a young lawyer .

Thank you for all your help.

20 February 2018

It was a great outcome Stephen. I would like to think it was a  team effort , but in all honesty it was down to you and your experience. Thank you.

8 February 2018

Thank you so much for all your help prior to, and in representing me at conciliation this morning; I couldn’t have done it without you. I thought I had a handle on it from reading the Bench Book, but without your skills in interpreting the law I would have failed on my own.

27 January 2018

I will be recommending you and Fair Work Legal Advice to all my friends and colleagues who are employers because your services are first class and very, very good value for money. You made a complicated and tricky workplace issue very manageable and stress free.

23 January 2018

Thank you Stephen for your clear and concise advice. I greatly appreciated the time and response to my initial call without obligation. It enabled to make a decision to proceed and achieve a positive outcome in the time frame you outlined.

22 January 2018

Thank you Stephen for being upfront and honest with me when dealing with my case.  You kept me informed every step of the way and was more than happy with the outcome, highly recommend.

10 January 2018

Thank you Stephen for your excellent representation in my unfair dismissal case. I am extremely satisfied with the result and would recommend your service to anyone.

18 December 2017

I would like to thank you for all your assistance with this matter, you have been a great help.

13 December 2017

Thank you Stephen for your expert advice during my unfair dismissal case.  I am very pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend your service to anyone. Once again many thanks.

10 December 2017

I wish to thank you Stephen for my recent unfair dismissal claim which was successful against a big employer.
I never would have thought of being a mature female that I could be recognised for any sort of negotiation against such a large employer.
Stephen you definitely know your stuff and I would without any doubt recommend you for any unfair dismissal case, big or small to anyone who is frightened or not sure.
Everyone deserves to be heard.

30 November 2017

Hi Stephen

I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance through a very difficult time. I certainly would not have got thru it without you on my team.

17 November 2017

To Whom It May Concern

I recently contracted the services of Stephen Edwards in relation to an unfair dismissal claim against my previous employer. Stephen’s services were extremely efficient and professional and well worth the small fee he charged me. I must say the cost of his service was very low in comparison to other professional services available around the place.

Stephen also represented me at the initial hearing and was successful in being able to negotiate a settlement on my behalf. The outcome was very favourable!!! Thanks again to Stephen for his great services.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to anyone. He is an expert in his field; certainly knows his stuff and a nice bloke too!!!

12 November 2017

I am extremely grateful for Stephen’s expertise, clarity and leadership during my unfair dismissal claim proceedings. At all times I felt respected, heard and confident in Stephen’s meticulous attention to detail and clear, ‘no nonsense’ advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stephen to anyone needing strong legal support during what is inevitably a difficult and sometimes emotional time.

20 October 2017

I am astonished Stephen at your prediction skills. It was as though you have a crystal ball. Everything played out exactly as you said it would, including the cave in by the other side. Amazing. I am very grateful I was recommended to you.

13 October 2017

I cannot thank Stephen and his services enough. From the first initial consultation, to the closure of the dismissal case , Stephen explained the process thoroughly and not once did I feel uncomfortable with what to expect. I would highly recommend that if you need any Fair work legal expertise to seek Stephen’s services.

9 October 2017

Thank you for all you support advice and skills in the unfair dismissal case, and for fighting for me. I am very proud of what we achieved.

28 September 2017

We achieved an excellent outcome Stephen. Thank you for everything.

 15 September 2017

Stephen Edwards advised me on how to manage a claim against my former employer. I found that Stephen handled my case exceedingly well. He explained everything about how my case would run and his professional concise advice gave me confidence that I was always well supported and represented. I would most definitely recommend Stephen to any prospective client who is looking for a genuine expert to manage their case.

22 August 2017

I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. The outcome of my case was much better than I had expected knowing my former employer and your tenacity and skills are the reason why.

14 August 2017

My team want you to know how appreciative we are of your representation Stephen. We are much relieved. It was a very good result.

HR Manager of client

24 July 2017

Stephen’s guidance in my unfair dismissal case made the complex simple. The strict fee for service arrangement was easy to understand, I was walked through the process and my contribution valued. I appreciated being “the client” in the relationship and when Stephen called me that at the conciliation I felt he was my legal voice, but at the same time I had to make some tough decisions. I would recommend Stephen and suggest you take his advice so you get a real fair dismissal.

28 June 2017

Thank you very much for your professional, punctual, straight down the line approach. I believe the knowledge and understanding you have in your field of work gives confidence and no false sense of position for the client in a case.

23 June 2017

Stephen Edwards has done an exceptional job at advising me though the processes and lead me me to getting it sorted quickly. I highly recommend Stephen to anyone with a work place disagreement. Can’t beat the efficiency, quality and price Stephen is giving.

15 June 2017

Sincere thanks to Stephen for his support and guidance during the legal process.  At all times I found Stephen to be very clear regarding the options that were available to me and everything that I needed to take into consideration when navigating my way through the legal process.  There were no hidden fees – everything was explained up front and there were no surprises!  I am very satisfied that engaging Stephen was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

31 May 2017

I would just like to thank you for the reassurance and advice you gave me during our telephone consultation. Knowing the facts gave me the confidence to believe in myself.
If I ever have problems again with (employer’s name omitted) I won’t have any hesitation in contacting you again.
Once again, thank you so much.

18 May 2017

Thank you for you support and expertise today. I am happy with the outcome today and I will sleep a lot better tonight.

16 May 2017

I would highly recommend Stephen Edwards and Fair Work Legal Advice for any employment related issue. In my opinion, Stephen provides excellent value for money given his vast experience in the areas upon which he advises. I found Stephen’s advice to be balanced and considered at all times, at every point in the process I knew exactly what my options were and also the costs involved. The old adage holds true here “you get what you pay for”.

3 May 2017

Dear Stephen,

We appreciate everything you did for us in our recent case of unlawful dismissal. Stephen handled the conciliation meeting with complete confidence and expertise in the law, thus ensuring us with a most positive, successful outcome.

We would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who requires help with any Fair Work Legal Advice as he does an unbelievable job. Once again thank you very much Stephen, “You’re a Legend”.

6 April 2017

I thank you kindly for your counsel and brilliant advice and wish you all the best in the future. You have helped me immensely and I have no reservation about recommending you to anyone who needs your help in the future.

22 March 2017

Happy with the outcome, Stephen got the job done!

Would recommend his services for any workplace matter!

I was pleased that it was resolved so quickly!”

24 February 2017

Thank you Stephen and also thank you for your professionalism in arranging this settlement.

I am pleased we were able to resolve it quickly.

An opponent

27 February 2017

Again thank you Stephen, your assistance had been greatly appreciated.

30 January 2017

I can certainly recommend Stephen Edwards and Fair Work Legal Advice. I found Stephen to be very knowledgeable and gave me plenty of assistance on how best to resolve my dispute with the minimum of fuss and in a timely manner (we reached an agreement before the conciliation hearing was even due). Another bonus was no hidden fees, I knew what my expense was all through the process.

11 January 2017

I have recently used Fair Work Legal Advice services to assist me with in a case of dismissal under general protections. Stephen Edwards has taken the time to question me, collect and study all relevant information in what was a complex case for a fraction of the cost of lawyers. The clarity of Stephen’s presentation of the case underpinned by an excellent knowledge of the laws during the Fair work conciliation meeting has allowed me to settle the matter in a very favourable way. There is no doubt that I would not have been able to reach such an outcome without him.

I highly regard his service and his experience. I would recommend his service to any employee who are denied rights or mistreated in their workplace.

13 December 2016

Thank you so much for your input!!

Your help has been invaluable throughout the past 18 months!


12 November 2016

Hi Stephen,

Many thanks for all your very valuable help and advice, and for winning my case of unfair dismissal.

I’m very grateful to you for lifting this burden off my shoulders.

Client name omitted

8 November 2016

Thanks for today Stephen.

I was very happy with the way you presented the case.

Client name omitted

24 October 2016

Thank you for your assistance in my recent case. Your services were first class and I believe my case would not have gone as successfully without you. At all times I was up to date and informed, and I had complete confidence in your legal expertise. The process was quick and very well handled on your part, and I am very grateful for your services.

I highly recommend anyone else requiring Fair Work Legal Advice to contact Stephen Edwards, he is the best man for the job.

Client name omitted

25 August 2016

Thank you once again 10 August 2016

Many thanks for your time today, really appreciated your explanation of the contract and advice.

Client name omitted

17 August 2016

Thank you for your assistance Stephen.

I highly appreciate your professionalism and competences.

Kind regards,

Client name omitted

22 June 2016

I am deeply appreciative for the through work that you have put in and the clear and concise advice that you have provided to me throughout the conciliatory process.

You were forthright and respectful and that provided me with the assurance that you are a man of high ethics and strong integrity. Coupled with your extensive experience and knowledge of employment law, I was provided with the confidence that my grievances were valid and the remedy I seek was fair and reasonable.

You articulated superbly and represented me assertively throughout the conciliatory call. I strongly believe that it was with your guidance and expertise that lead the process to the best outcome for me. I would unreservedly recommend your service to anyone who is of the belief that they have been treated unfairly by their workplace.

Thank you once again.

Client name omitted

20 June 2016

I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful for what you have done and the efforts you made in understanding the case.

Client name omitted

10 May 2016

Thanks Stephen that’s why your the best well done.

I will deposit an amount into your account as a token of my appreciation of your services in the condition that you take your partner / spouse to dinner and enjoy a nice dinner on me for a job well done.

If you ever need a place to stay when in Perth you would be always welcome to stay with us.

Client name omitted

5 May 2016

Mr Stephen Edwards was very efficient. Throughout the process he was concise and to the point. He addressed perfectly, covering all the facts in exact order. I highly recommend Mr Edwards.

Client name omitted

25 April 2016

Once again thanks for such a stellar performance!

Client name omitted

11 April 2016

Stephen’s experience and knowledge on Employment Law is unquestionable, Stephen would challenge my view or comments, based on how the legal representation for the Employer would question or argue the case, if this matter was to proceed further. Stephen as a person, I found to be forthright, honest, a wealth of knowledge and experience, well researched and has the tenacity to take on the big end of town, if the Employer chose to engage with high fee paying lawyers.

The Fees charged by Stephen are fixed and as a Client, being an Employee as against Employer who has limited access to funds to be expended on legal fees, this was reassuring. Stephen’s services are provided by Telephone, I was very comfortable throughout the whole process, from initial discussion, to preparation of claim for lodgement and conciliation with FWC.

I am grateful for the work and advice provided by Stephen Edwards on my case and would recommend Stephen’s services to any individual who may have a situation pertaining to Employment, where they are of the view or belief that they have been unfairly treated by their Employer, irrespective of how complex the matter may be.

Client name omitted

2 March 2016

Your assistance & guidance through the conciliation process was greatly appreciated, I’m pleased with the result.

Client name omitted

26 January 2016

Confirming that the funds from …………. were credited to my account today, 25th January.

My sincere thanks again for your advice and assistance.

Client name omitted

15 January 2016

You are a life saver, and I appreciate it.

Client name omitted

30 November 2015

Just thought I’d let you know I’m delighted with the outcome and wanted to thank you for all your help in this regard.

Client name omitted

10 November 2015

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your patience and brilliant representation over the past few week. My case was extremely difficult under the circumstances and today your expertise and outstanding performance was nothing shy of awesomeness. I highly recommend your services and great value, David V’s Goliath. Its been a thrilling experience Buddy, all the best.

Client name omitted

9 November 2015

Thank you for providing your final invoice today and also for your excellent advice throughout this process.

All the best and safe landings!!

Client name omitted

25 August 2015

Your advice in terms of the fulfilment of my rights as defensible under common law provided the assurance I required to believe my complaints to be valid in order to have the confidence to assert them.

I thank you for your time and advice, which was sufficient to support me to and through that meeting. Early on in the meeting, I advised that I had sought and was operating within your advice. It certainly got their attention.

Client name omitted

4 August 2015

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your expert advice. I would highly recommend you to friends in the future and if I was in a better financial state I would have taken advice from you earlier.

Client name omitted

20 June 2015

After 49 years of business we were faced with a legal matter that seemed insurmountable. We firmly believe that Stephen’s extensive experience and knowledge of the law resulted in a potential lawsuit being dismissed before it even got to court. We are eternally grateful for the help, advice and representation we received.

Client name omitted

4 April 2015


I read the transcript. You were superb.
Kind regards

Very senior and highly respected Perth lawyer who briefed me to represent his friend and client of many years

Client name omitted

9 April 2015

Dear Stephen ,

Thank you for all your help, assistance and advice. Without your skill and experience we would not have been able to even envisage such a great outcome.(Name omitted) will now be able to close that chapter of his life and move on. You are brilliant!!!

Client name omitted

10 April 2015

Hi Stephen

I want to say thank you for your understanding of my work related action. It was complicated, you made it easy. You are a fair dinkum guy. You told me the truth, even if I did not want to hear it, but that’s because I don’t understand your profession. Although we seek the best, you prepared me for the worst. I am happy to say, I got a good result. If ever I hear someone with work related issues, I will tell them to call Stephen Edwards.

Kind regards, and all the best to you.

Client name omitted