Unfair dismissal; what is a dismissal?

What is a dismissal for an unfair dismissal case?

“Accordingly, the general legal principles to be applied in this case include:

  1. A termination at the initiative of the employer must involve action of the employer as the principal constituting factor leading to the termination;
  2. The employer must have engaged in some action that intended to bring the employment relationship to an end or had that probable result;
  3. Considerable caution should be exercised in treating a resignation as other than voluntary. It is necessary to determine whether the employer’s conduct was of such a nature that resignation was the probable result or that the employee had no effective or real choice but to resign;
  4. In determining the question of whether the termination was at the initiative of the employer, an objective analysis of the employer’s conduct is required;
  5. A termination (or resignation) has effect according to its ordinary terms however in some special circumstances the Commission needs to ascertain the objective intention and consider whether it would have been reasonable to permit a retraction or clarification; and
  6. Subject to the above, a dismissal or resignation, once given, cannot be unilaterally withdrawn.”

Wederay v Airline Cleaning Services Pty Ltd T/A Cabin Services Australia (2017) FWC 4603 delivered  6 September 2017 per Anderson DP