Safety is king in unfair dismissal cases, or is it?

The Fair Work Commission will discount an award of compensation for unfair dismissal if it finds that although a dismissal may have been relevantly unfair, the employee contributed to the dismissal by misconduct in failing to heed the employer’s safety rules
In Lawrence v Coal & Allied Mining Services Pty Limited, T/A Mt Thorley Operations/Warkworth (2010) FWAFB 10089 the applicant was an employee of 28 years with an otherwise unblemished record. He was dismissed after a safety breach, the removal of an isolation lock fixed by another worker contrary to clear requirements. By majority the Full Bench ordered his reinstatement with restoration of lost wages, reduced for his misconduct by three months. The majority of the Full Bench said in that context:
“In this way, the importance of the respondent’s policies will be vindicated and no other employee ought be able to take any comfort from this decision that breaches of the isolation policy will do other than expose them to serious consequences.”