Recovering wages and statutory entitlements

Many of my in-coming  telephone calls are from members of the public who are employees who have legitimate (and sometimes non-legitimate) concerns about underpayment or non-payment of statutory entitlements for work.

Often there is a simple and inexpensive method to pursue the entitlements and that is by lodging a complaint with the regulators, all of which offer a free legal recovery service if there is sufficient evidence. Like all government agencies, their resources are subject to budgetary constraints.

Fair Work Act (NES) and modern award entitlements; for the recovery of national fair work entitlements, that is to say modern award and NES entitlements under the Fair Work Act, the Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman has a free legal recovery service and here is a link to the policies which that regulator applies in determining if and when it will offer this service.

W.A State based entitlements; for the recovery of long service leave, WA award and Minimum Conditions of Employment Ac t entitlements, Wageline, which is a part of the WA Department of Commerce, offers a free legal recovery service. Here is a link for contact with Wageline.