Payment of wages and remuneration

The Fair Work Act 2009 provides that an employer must pay its employees not less frquently than monthly.
Sec 323 of the Fair Work Act provides that an employer must pay an employee in full, in money, and at least monthly. The Federal Circuit Court has held* that this includes commissions and by implication this suggests that the section will override any term of an employment contract to the contrary.
The section also provides that the only permitted methods of payment are cash, cheque, postal order or electronic deposit or any other method authorized by a modern award or enterprise agreement.
The Act is silent about the payment of bonuses, and it is an interesting question whether they too must be paid monthly. Presumably, where the assessment of the quantum of a bonus is said by an employment agreement to be annually, the defence to an assertion that the employer should have paid it monthly is that until the annual assessment is made, the moneys are not payable as remuneration.
* Murrihy v Pty Ltd (2013) FCA 908.