Mandatory vaccinations for WA police challenged in Supreme Court

On Friday 26 November a group of police officers in Western Australia  lodged an application for judicial review by the Supreme Court of the powers of the Police Commissioner to discipline police officers who do not meet the WA government’s covid 19 vaccination requirements. Under those mandates police officers and fire and emergency workers must be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022 and the government expects management of those workers to enforce the public health orders by disciplinary measures including suspension and dismissal.

The legal challenge in Western Australia (an application for judicial review) is essentially an application to the Supreme Court asking it to rule that the threatened disciplinary action is beyond the  legal powers of the employers and may also involve a challenge to the WA government’s workplace mandates for covid vaccinations made under the Public Health Act.

A similar challenge has been launched by several Queensland police officers in the Queensland Supreme Court and is due to be heard by a Full Court in December.

The WA mandates can be accessed at this link