How to check whether modern award applies

“The principal purpose test is well settled and was summarised in Carpenter v Corona Manufacturing 14:

“In our view, in determining whether or not a particular award applies to identified employment, more is required than a mere quantitative assessment of the time spent in carrying out various duties. An examination must be made of the nature of the work and the circumstances in which the employee is employed to do the work with a view to ascertaining the principal purpose for which the employee is employed. In this case, such an examination demonstrates that the principal purpose for which the appellant was employed was that of a manager. As such, he was not “employed in the process, trade, business or occupation of … soliciting orders, obtaining sales leads or appointments or otherwise promoting sales for articles, wares, merchandise or materials” and was not, therefore, covered by the award.” 15 (references omitted)”


See   (2002) 122 IR 387 AIRC 17 December 2002