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INSTANT BEST VALUE TELEPHONE DIAGNOSIS* available for employers and employees about urgent employment and workplace legal issues including dismissals and termination of employment by one of WA’s leading experts. Very affordable fixed fees and value for money representation in Australia. Outstanding win rate.

Fair Work Legal Advice® is one of the busiest and most successful employment law businesses in Australia. It is owned and managed by Stephen Edwards LLB who is a specialist workplace negotiator and industrial agent who provides professional advice to and representation** for both employers and employees about termination of employment, fair work and workplace issues such as unfair and unlawful dismissal, workplace investigations and enterprise bargaining. He has been doing so for many years, formerly as an employment lawyer, which he concluded in 2013 for lifestyle reasons after a very successful legal career, and now as a registered industrial agent. He is frequently retained by law firms to represent their clients in such cases.

Stephen offers weekend telephone consultations upon request and by arrangement.

“I guarantee my advice. No ifs, no buts. Guaranteed, best value plus the option of fixed fees.