Fair Work Advice

Fair Work Advice

For Employers

I offer a one stop shop for advice and representation about most issues which can arise at the workplace. For employers, I offer strategic advice about workforce planning and structural options, together with risk management when that is required. I can assist employers to mitigate the risks of unfair dismissal cases being brought against them, together with enterprise bargaining and union negotiations. I can provide employers with instant advice, and have a particular local focus Western Australia.

For employees

I offer advice and representation about their rights, and I can advise them about such diverse workplace issues and workplace rights as redundancy, termination of employment, equal opportunity, discrimination at work and generally support them in what are sometimes highly stressful and difficult situations.

As a former lawyer with a history of more than 40 years of unblemished legal practice in Western Australia until very recently (see the Stephen Edwards tab) I offer superb value and having registered as an industrial agent I provide advice and representation at a fraction of the rates which lawyers charge.