Determinative conferences for unfair dismissal

The following is taken from the Fair Work Commission’s web site because I have recently been asked about determinative conferences for unfair dismissal.

“The differences between conferences and hearings

The Member says what procedures (‘protocols’) will apply for your conference or hearing. The table has some typical protocols for conferences and hearings. Yours may be different.

Hearings Conferences
Open to the public. Usually anyone can attend, including the media, family and friends. Usually not open to the public. In most cases a support person, such as a family member or friend, can attend.
Held in a hearing room. People sit in formal positions in the hearing room. Either held in a smaller hearing room or conference room. Everyone sits around the same table.
Formal. The Commission Member sits at the front of the room. More informal and interactive. The Commission Member may sit at the bar table with the parties in a hearing room, or around a large table in a conference room.
The parties give evidence from the witness box. The parties give evidence from the table.