Dismissal will be unfair if no adequate hearing

What exactly is the obligation upon an employer to provide an employee with an
opportunity to respond to an allegation which might if accepted as fact by the
employer have potential adverse implications for the employee? This often called
natural justice, although in truth it is a slightly different concept really.
In Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology v Asher (2010) F AFB it was said “that
the employer is required “to take reasonable steps to investigate the allegations
and give the employee a fair chance of answering them” however “this does not
require any particular formality. It is intended to be applied in practical, common
sense way so as to ensure the effected employee is treated fairly. here the
employee is aware of the precise nature of the employers concerns about his or
her conduct or preface and has a full opportunity to respond to this concern,that is
enough to satisfy the requirement of this section.”