Resignation once tendered cannot be withdrawn

The following extract from the decision in Colledge v Bakersfield Holdings Pty Ltd ATF Separovic Family Trust (Colledge) (2016 FWC 6707 clearly sets that out:
“It was noted by Hatcher VP in the initial Mihajlovic v Lifeline Macarthur decision that:
“…A notice of termination of employment, once sent, cannot unilaterally be withdrawn. It follows that neither can it unilaterally be varied in a way which changes its effect. The notice takes effect in accordance with its terms, properly construed.” (References omitted)
The Vice President cited the decision of Gray J in Birrell v Australian National Airlines Commission (Birrell), in which His Honour endorsed the principle that unilateral withdrawal of a notice of termination of a contract of employment is not possible. These authorities make it clear that when an employee is terminated with notice, the employment relationship ends when that period expires, unless there is mutual agreement to vary the agreement. While Bakersfield sought to vary the agreement that had been made regarding the notice period and handover, I find that mutual agreement to this variation was lacking.” (References omitted)
And see Ilievska v Adirel Consolidated Pty Ltd T/A Surgiplas Medical (2016) FWC 8720 delivered 7 December 2016 per Kovacic DP