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With over 40 years’ experience specialising as an employment lawyer, I have advised on and provided representation for a range of legal issues for employers in a host of industries. If you need assistance with advice and representation with any of the following issues of employment law, I offer a one stop shop. I do not maintain an expensive and flash CBD or West Perth office and most of my work other than as counsel in the industrial tribunals is conducted by telephone and Skype conferencing, which enables me to keep my fees at a fraction of those of my legal colleagues.

I guarantee my advice.


I provide professional legal advice, representation and legal counsel to WA employers about  employment law issues such as:


  • managing dismissals safely
  • workplace investigations including independent misconduct investigations and performance management
  • enterprise bargaining negotiations
  • termination of employment advice and representation
  • unlawful dismissal advice
  • general protections’ cases including adverse action
  • redundancies and retrenchments and severances
  • severance and settlement deeds
  • maximising profit solutions
  • regulatory compliance
  • complex payroll issues
  • enterprise bargaining
  • negotiations, representation and defending claims including bullying
  • equal opportunity compliance
  • business restructuring
  • limiting union rights of entry
  • drafting employment agreements and contracts including restraints of trade
  • discrimination and immigration laws
  • restraints of trade
  • award compliance and audits


Recent decisions of the Australian courts are to the effect that there is a trend towards upholding restraints of trade more often and more widely than in the past. Whilst the courts remain reluctant to enforce restraints of trade with an injunction in the case of individual employees, preferring to follow the long line of equity and common law cases to the effect that contracts of personal service should generally not be enforced by specific performance, there have been some recent decisions to award damages against individual employees found to be in breach of enforceable restraints. I can also draft enforceable restraints for employers, either stand alone or in employment contracts.

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I offer a one stop shop for advice and representation about all issues which can arise at the workplace. For employers, I offer strategic advice about workforce planning and structural options, together with risk management when that is required. I can assist employers to mitigate the risks of unfair dismissal cases being brought against them, together with enterprise bargaining and union negotiations. I can provide employers with instant advice, and have a particular local focus on regional Western Australia. I have he best rates for workplace investigations in WA.

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I offer a one stop shop for employment and employment law advice about all issues which have legal consequences and implications out of the employment relationship between an employer and an employee, or principal and independent contractor. Most often the questions which are put to me arise from an employer or an employee wanting to understand their legal position. This is often in the context of a dispute, for example about termination of employment or wrongful dismissal, but not always.

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