FREE TELEPHONE DIAGNOSIS available upon request in most cases

Stephen Edwards LLB is a workplace negotiator and industrial agent who provides professional advice and representation* to Western Australian employers and employees about employment, fair work and workplace issues such as unfair and unlawful dismissal. He has been doing so for many years, formerly as a legal practitioner (which he ceased in 2013), and now as a registered industrial agent.

“I guarantee my advice. No ifs, no buts. Guaranteed, best value and the option of fixed fees. Please read the brief summary of my professional career at the About tab of the website.

After 45 years formerly as a senior employment and media lawyer, I am now a registered industrial agent offering fast and specialist employment advice and representation for a fraction of lawyers’ fees and with a minimum of fuss and formality. My rates for providing fair work advice and representation* are widely rated as the best value in Western Australia. I provide a free diagnosis for unfair and unlawful dismissal cases.

I also work on Sundays when it is often convenient for people to talk to me about very confidential workplace issues, and my preferred method of working is by telephone conference which enables me to keep my rates well below those of my professional colleagues such as legal practitioners and is favoured by almost all of my clients for value and convenience.

Call me personally Sunday to Friday on 0427 329 514 or 08 9755 9166 to book a telephone consult, which I can ordinarily provide the same day.”

*Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Commonwealth) and the Western Australian Industrial Relations Act 1979 WA